You have a product in mind, you know what you want it to do and feel like, but it’s hard to take the first true steps in making it real.


We help you define and perfect your idea, design the finished product and code it. It’s ready to go on the market and help you to develop your business.

A small heritage

For six years we’ve been working alongside small, exciting startups and large organisations in finding the best tech solutions for our partners’ success. We take pride in our relationship with our clients: working close together in a collaborative manner.

We’ve earned experience in a vast number of fields, only to learn that what we love doing most is building real products from daring dreams.

Areas of expertise
  • Business
  • Fintech
  • Social & Interactivity
  • News & Entertainment
  • Productivity
  • Legal & Finance
  • Retail
  • Native iOS development
  • Native Android development
  • Windows Phone
  • Web applications
  • Blockchain
Number of apps delivered
People using our apps
Lines of code written

Our performance so far

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far and we want to continue challenging ourselves to do more. We love working together with interesting people in bringing amazing ideas into reality.

PwC Events

PwC Events

A gateway to events, the continent over



An all-in-one product for productivity



The medical assistant you always wished existed

7Card fitness

7Card fitness

Reach your ideal state, one sport session at a time

Jukebox – a music voting platform

Jukebox – a music voting platform

A fusion of music, tech and democracy, all to create the perfect atmosphere

How we do things

So the products we build are the best they can be
Detailed planning

A good idea becomes a good project with careful thought of the market, the product and the future. .svg
Good design

In terms of design, we focus on building a clean and intuitive product that’s simple and enjoyable to use.
Solid code

We’ve been working on mobile platforms for a majority of their existence. This experience is what pushes us to build stable products.
Swift scaling

It’s great to finish a product but after that, it needs to evolve. We’re dedicated to seeing that happen.

I really enjoyed collaborating with this team on all of our projects. They’re a very versatile group, passionate about what they do and good at taking on a challenge, no matter how tough.

Octavian BadescuFounder of Lokko

What I appreciate about the team at Under Development Office is their dedication to what they do. They combine the seriosity and proffesionalism of their work with the creativity of their personalities to create a very well balanced team.

Daniele CardesiBusiness Developer, Trend Informatica

Udev’s in-depth knowledge of the startup and tech industries, combined with their ability to communicate effectively with us and understand our product and philosophy behind it were key factors that facilitated the creation of a quality and productive partnership. We really enjoyed our collaboration.

Simina MutCEO Simpli

Design, hard work and good planning together don’t make a great product.

They make a great experience. That makes a great product.

We’re Under Development Office, a creative development studio based in Romania. We love getting involved and developing projects that, all in all, make life more enjoyable for people. Welcome to our website, have a look around!

Reach out, coffee’s on us!

We’d be more than glad to meet up with you to discuss your idea. Just get in touch!

Consultancy & Planning

The most important part of a project. Done right, your product will be stable, time and cost efficient, and all in all, a joy to work on.

Design & Development

Simple, sleek, intuitive design combined with beautiful code makes a great product: what we’re famous for delivering.

Maintenance & Updates

A product does not stop after the development. It’s kept alive and competitive on the long run. We’re here to make sure it does just that.

Under Digital

You focus on the business, we focus on everything digital, from image to sound and from marketing to client relationships. Our creative people have set up shop to deliver what’s best for you.